Partner us in developing Thinking Skills
and Learning Potential of children

A world where everything is changing so fast; where intellectual abilities is the new currency; where strength of imagination and communication defines success; where professional preferences are driven by inner growth; where empathy is key for quality of relationships — our children need a lot more than just good academic performance and scores to adapt to this new order.

We are now offering the Konshius program and our patented games to individuals and families. You can buy these games and learn how to use them from the literature shared in the game box. We have created several resources to help you, including our website, blogs, and Youtube Channels.

Become A Konshius Partner

Join our Partner Program to become a Konshius Thinking Trainer and Coach

We are excited to also have you partner with us! You can now get certified as-

A Konshius Parent to become a trainer of your own child

A Konshius Trainer to train children around you

A Konshius Counsellor to introduce Konshius in Schools

A Konshius ‘Train the Trainer’ of Parents, Trainer & Academicians

You will receive in-depth Training on all the Konshius games and our unique games-based learning  methodology – the Konshius Pedagogy. You will learn how scientifically designed game-play  nurtures thinking and learning potential of children. You will learn methods to uncover thinking and break limiting barriers.

We will empower you to become a Konshius
Friend and a Lifelong Learning Mentor.

And, you will be doing all this while having the fun of playing games! The unmatched satisfaction of making a huge positive impact on the lives of thousands of children, families, and the education system, is the true joy you will experience.

To learn more about how you can be a part of this change