Pioneer of Games-based Learning in India helping develop Thinking Skills the fun way

An idea, a theory of change, an informal research which germinated in 2003, culminated as Mind Edutainment Pvt. Ltd. being incorporated in 2007 – the company behind the Konshius program. We pioneered games-based learning in Indian schools in 2008, making development of Thinking Skills and Learning Potential of children equally important as academics or physical health.

We are solely dedicated to the vision – Uncover Thinking, Discover Potential, All While Having Fun! – of children, parents and educators. Through our uniqe pedagogy and patented games, we have already benefitted more than 2.5 lacs children and 1.2 lacs parents in India. More than 120 schools have implemented our games-based system as a part of their school curriculum. We have coached hundreds of adults to become THOTS and Konshius Counsellors to work with students in schools, and families at home.

The Konshius Family

Our partners are a blend of exceptionally fine professionals from fields like Education, Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, and Management

Dr. Ashutosh Khurana
Founder, CEO
Ashutosh is our Fun Learning Designer aka Game-baba. He is the pioneer of games-based learning in India and the Chief Curator of innovative ‘Thinking Skills & Mindful Learning’ programs like Konshius & THOTS. He strongly believes that every parent should be their child’s ‘Thinking Trainer’; every educator should first be a ‘Thinking Trainer’ and then a subject matter expert.

Since 2007, he has solely dedicated his life and work to the role games play in developing Cognitive & Socio-Emotional skills of children and adults. He is one of the early visionaries to integrate Bloom’s Taxonomy, MI Theory & Experiential Learning models into physical board games – creating a fun way for learning ‘How to Think’ & ‘Thinking about Thinking’. He is a recipient of many national & international recognitions and awards, and has many patents to his name in India, USA & Canada.

Aditi is our Dependable, Go Getter! She can be relied on for getting anything and everything done – on time. A mother of two who quit her corporate career to raise her children, she now contributes to the learning development of thousands of children. She holds a degree in English Literature and is one of the most remarkable Konshius Counsellor since 2017.

A specialist in life, and a Specialist at Konshius is what Amita is. She has an amazing inner balance and manages everything with a breeze – her role as a mother, a wife and a professional. With her month old daughter in tow, she admirably delivered our residential training sessions for 11 days. She has a degree in Management and started her journey with Konshius in 2010.

Anami is our Day-Dreamer & Path-Creator. She is blessed with a sense of presence at the right place, at the right time, mostly. Ever smiling, ever laughing – she literally floats while walking. She is a Konshius ‘Train the Trainer’ and the National Head of our in-school THOTS program. She holds a degree in Engineering & Management, and started her journey with Konshius in 2015.

Anu is our Intellectual Scholar more than willing to share theories & models with anyone who wants to know. With a passion to work with children for their holistic development, she chose to be a Konshius Counsellor after her education in Psychology. She is admired by children and adults for her unique intellectual sensitivities in honing the socio-emotional skills of children.

Anushka is a Fire in the belly person. Our youngest Konshius Counsellor, she has a huge fan base of children and adults alike! ‘Hard-working’ is an understatement about her. Not the one to bow down to any challenge, she is a fitness enthusiast & a trained dancer. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology, and has already worked with 2k+ children with Konshius since 2018.

Stern yet a Friend, Athira is uncompromising and extremely demanding when it comes to work. Yet, she is one of the most sought after in the training room. A firm believer of ‘Do What You Love, Love What You Do’, she can recall her 5k+ students by their names. A computer engineering graduate who wanted to teach, she found her calling as a Konshius Counsellor in 2016.

Archana is our Gentle Soul whose presence just warms up the heart to naturally become kind & sensitive. She loves traveling & photography, and has a degree in computer applications. Having taught children how to code, she now helps them learn ‘how to think’, as a Konshius Counsellor since 2019. She has an innate ability to work with children from diverse backgrounds.

Ashima is our Cognitively Empathetic psychologist who loves to enquire ‘Why’ behind everything. She is charming, witty, nonchalant, deeply grounded in her ‘own’ value system. She is always looking for the potential and possibility in each child to enable them to rise and shine. She is a Konshius Trainer since 2017 having rich experience working with diverse age groups.

Ayushi is a Silent Conqueror – less talk, and more action! She has the power to slay anyone with her one-liner wit bearing a gentle smile. A keen observer, she believes the real learning happens by being present to learn. She often says, her students have taught her how to live. She has a degree in Computer Science and is one the most loved Konshius Counsellor since 2017.

An Extraordinarily Private Indrani opens herself either to books or children. Indian Mythology intrigues her and dogs make her childlike. She has a special gift to connect with specially-abled children, always ready to share herself with them. Her knack for connecting deeply with children has made her a favourite Konshius Counsellor with children under 7 years.

Mandeep is Friendlier than a Friend. She has a superb inner drive to learn and grow, never missing out on an opportunity to learn. She converts every interaction with the children to share her learnings as well. Sharing and growing comes naturally to her. Full of energy and passion, she holds a degree in Aviation and is our Konshius Counsellor since 2013.

Priyanka is our Rooted in Roots counsellor. A mother of two & simple to the core, she moved back from Australia to imbibe Indian values in her children. With her vast experience working with children in Australia, she found Konshius to be the best of East & West for herself. She has a degree in Mathematics, trained in early childhood education, and is with Konshius since 2018.

Sharon is a Surprise Package. An avid reader, an art lover, a weekend volunteer, a nature-walk enthusiast, are a few of the creative expressions that fuel her spirit. She is always looking for a bigger purpose behind anything and in everything. With a degree in Clinical Psychology, in 2019 she chose the path of helping children to ‘Think & Learn’ as a Konshius Counsellor.

Shweta is our Bodhi Tree nurturing everyone around with her calming presence. With an aura of having found her ‘self’, she bears a gentle smile underneath her skin even in the most difficult situations. True to her purpose, she is all about caring, sharing and nurturing. She is a key Konshius Trainer since 2009 having trained 10k+ students, and has a degree in Commerce.

Vaishali is our in-house Laughing Buddha! She can make the gloomiest of moments lighter. She thinks she is ‘awesome’ and lucky’. We too think so, given the numerous times she has won our Tambola prizes. Her style of narrating a story has made her the favorite ‘Konshius Friend’ in the classrooms. She holds a degree in English Literature and is a Konshius Counsellor since 2018.