Experience an exciting interactive game-based program that develops Thinking Skills & Learning Potential

What is Konshius?

Prepping our children with skills they will need tomorrow is a big ask today. Better thinking, Emotional strength, and Social skills – the needs of kids today are much different. They need to be conscious of everything within and around them. Is the education we provide helping them gear up for this? Is the education preparing them for life in the real world? The education system is still solely focused on content-driven learning which is just not good enough for these new-age challenges.

Konshius bridges this gap with its highly engaging Game based Learning Program. The award winning program uses our patented board games to create interesting experiential activities that help children learn ‘How to Think’.  Our unique methodology is designed to develop Higher Order Thinking skills through active hands-on experiences that engage kids in a fun way, and making them mindful of every action they take. Purely through game-play and without using any academic content, the program improves the learning potential of children. Our age-appropriate program is for kids aged 4-15 years and starts showing positive results from as early as 3 months.

Why Konshius?

Uncover Higher Order Thinking and Discover Potential

Konshius Design

Various educational taxonomies, models and theories are woven together to form Konshius. It scientifically melanges the esoteric principles of the East with the modern researches of the West making Konshius one of its kind ‘Mindful Thinking Program’.

Konshius curriculum design is a cohesive structure of various frameworks being followed in the field of Human Development, Child Development, Child Psychology and Cognitive Sciences. In order to convert these lifelong outcomes into child-centric sessions, we follow Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, Krathwohl Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligence Theory and Experiential Learning Models.

To make each session with the child a game-playing reflective process for lifelong development, game activities progress through 4 stages of scientific learning.

The key aspect of developing ‘How to Think’ ability is to move the learner from the stage of Unconscious Incompetency i.e. ‘Consciously I do not know what I do not know’ – to the stage of Subconscious Competency i.e. ‘I now can apply what I did not know earlier in every aspect of my life’.

Konshius methodology

Our methodology is centered on engaging the ‘Executive Functions’ of the child’s brain, without using any academic content, to develop Higher Order Thinking skills and Multiple types of Intelligence as lifelong learnings.

It is scientifically structured to progress through all 4 Levels of Learning:

It brings forth the Unconscious Incompetencies within the learner

Makes the Conscious mind accept these Incompetencies

Develops Conscious Competencies

Relates the learning to varying environments for development of Subconscious Competencies

These learnings are delivered through a Five-Stage process.

Every Konshius session goes through these 5 stages. In every session, children are guided  on a simple yet powerful process of reflecting on ‘how to think’; and realizing what could be done different and better – all through Konshius game-play.

Konshius games

Our patented games are designed to build Thinking Powers of children. Scientifically researched design and methodology has made Konshius Games a global leader in games-based learning for developing the learning potential of children.

Konshius Intellectual Property

Konshius Games are patented in India. These have received positive written opinion from USA Patent Office under the Patent Co-operation Treaty. And, have received ‘Method Patent Grant’ from the USA Patent Office.

Our proprietary Intellectual Property includes:

11 Games – each game is a Learning System

7 Single player games developing Cognitive skills

4 Multiplayer games developing Social Emotional skills

Unique design to evolve Cognitive skills for Socio-Emotional learning

Game Play evolves from 1-player to 2-player Competitive format

Game Play evolves from 2-player to 4-player Collaborative format

Spiral structure of interconnected learning and skills development

Vertical curriculum progression built into each game

Curriculum of each game connected to all the other games

Uncover Thinking. Discover Potential.
All while having fun!