Be The Change

If playing games which wreck brains are your books, if teasing your intellect is what you enjoy, if challenging status-quo is in your bones, if you have learnt how to succeed after every failure, if your passion is helping others learn from your failures, if you feel elated in creating success for others – We would love to meet you, at mutually convenient time, soon! And, if you do any kind of meditation or daily inner-growth practices, we would be extremely happy and blessed to have met you.

For all our positions – age, gender, qualification, experience, etc – is never a bar. What we care about is results but within the framework of our guiding principles.

We currently have 2 openings. These openings are for those who understand what it means to be in a critical position through Equity stake, and not salary. These openings require working directly with the Founder CEO. You would be required to first educate him and upgrade him to your skills level. Then, steer the strategy and plans jointly with him. You should be driven enough to deliver without being monitored or directed with an unshakeable inner compass.

Marketing & Communication

You will be handling the function end-to-end. You would be building the function single-handedly for our new offerings. You would be getting your hands dirty by initially doing all the functional and operational tasks yourself. You will be conceiving and laying the foundation of building blocks to reach out to the world digitally and get them on the Konshius boat.

Product & Technology Architect

You will be the one to architect technology solutions to create experiential, immersive, interactive games-based learning platform. You will be the one who would be defining the product creation and dissemination. You would be wearing the hat of a technologist but actually enabling thinking skills’ training through digital methods – platform, application, web-services