Children develop better Thinking, Intelligence, Emotional, and Social skills through Konshius.

Konshius games and the program are designed to prod children into self-reflection. Every session keeps nudging them, at every step, to think about their own thinking. This builds the framework to rewire their own thinking. This helps them develop a foundation for lifelong mindful thinking.

Through Konshius games, they learn to challenge their own thinking. They discover how to break the limiting barriers. And, develop new thinking capabilities in a structured way. They develop the ability to learn from their successes as well as mistakes.

They learn the most important lesson that they can convert any failure into success if they work on their thinking.

Konshius Skills

A spiral web of interconnected skills which help in overall
development of children

At Konshius, they not only nurture their Higher Order Thinking Skills but build their Learning Abilities. The foundation of these 11 games is to develop several varied skills through each game playing session. Not just this, every session brings forth many complex concepts like Objective-Problem centricity, Cause-Effect loop, Possibilities-Options dynamics, Input-Output-Environment interrelationships, Visualising-imagining interplay, and so on.

These skills are spirally woven through the games – making Konshius a unique program on How to Think.

Konshius Games is a Global leader in games-based  learning for developing learning potential of children.

Konshius Mental Age

Konshius is about developing transferable thinking skills that are domain-neutral. These are skills required for S.T.E.A.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics education. Focusing on thinking skills frees the child from the benchmarks of biological age for transitioning towards the development of mental age.

Each game has multiple age-appropriate levels for developing different thinking skills at every level, as per the child’s age. This gives the child an opportunity to bridge any gap left from the previous age-level. Equally, it also opens up an opportunity to develop in advance the mental abilities of subsequent age-band.

Sample this age-wise Skills chart from Astromania – our first game in the series of 11 Konshius games.

Also, each level is designed to achieve success through failure, keeping children highly engaged and self-motivated. Children generally start from the same thinking skills which worked for them earlier and fail, only to realize they need more than what they have to go to the next level. They learn to add on a new way of thinking that is required to succeed in every session.

Working with children since 2008, we observed only 0.1% children already had these skills developed as per their age. And, after going through our Konshius sessions, more than 90% of the children showed abilities to acquire and apply these skills, even before reaching the expected biological age for that level.

Well-researched & Proven Results

The program has been appreciated by academicians, researchers and scholars of reputed national and international institutions including University of Pennsylvania USA, M.I.T. USA, IIM Ahmedabad India, IIT Mumbai India, and National Institute of Design, among others.

Study conducted by a Graduate scholar of M.I.T. Sloan School of Management, USA analysed and ascertained the positive impact of ‘Konshius Skills’ on the academic performance of school children, particularly in the academic scores of Mathematics and Language. The study, conducted with a controlled and uncontrolled group of students, tracked their performance for 6 months, drawing a very high positive correlation and rank improvement.

Globally, Research has shown this form of learning focused on the brain’s ‘Executive Functions’ is the best for children.