Create a Honeycomb by picking the right blocks, just as the Queen Bee ordered! With this game, you will develop Spatial-Temporal Reasoning skills. You will learn how to think visually, how to deconstruct and then reconstruct a picture in the mind, how to recreate pictures physically using 3D objects, how to use visualising for reasoning and vice-versa, and much more.

We are a pioneer in using game-based learning for developing 21st-century skills, enabling children to think 'How to Think' and learn 'How to Learn.' With our patented system of 11 games, meant for children of age 5-15 years, we develop cognitive skills and thinking abilities of children. Our system can be delivered in any language, and is independent of academic content. It is useful for all the children and families, irrespective of their social-cultural-economic or academic backgrounds.

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